Jil Sander
Art book on the interpretation and analysis of fashion brand Jil sander 
Art Direction: Alice Prosperi 
Dimensions: 220x300mm

Step into the enchanting world of Jil Sander through the lens of our meticulously designed art book, brought to life under the masterful art direction of Alice Prosperi. Delve deep into the cosmic ether of Jil Sander, a brand transcending time, where an exquisitely suspended egg serves as a visual metaphor for its timeless essence. 

Our book intricately weaves together the outer layers of space and surfaces, tracing their transformation into the fabric of Jil Sander's collections. Each page is a testament to our commitment to capturing the core ideas of the brand in original abstract and graphic representations. As the narrative unfolds, we delve into the brand's artistic inspirations, exploring the sacred places and revered artists that have left an indelible mark on its identity.
BI Cultural - Love
University Project
Love Booklet
28 Languages 
Dimensions: 170x240mm
With Aino Aittasalo

Addressing the topic of Taiwanese Traditional marriage in English, Taiwanese, and Dutch. In our design approach, we prioritise a clean and focused aesthetic with a modern and elegant layout. We assign equal importance to the three languages, ensuring that they have a balanced presence throughout the design. The original photography remains the core focus, while strategically placed elements maintain coherence and harmony.

Brum Brum
Visual Identity
Brum Brum Collective
Visual identity 
Logo design 
Brum Brum is a collective of multidisciplinary artists, mostly focused on graffiti. The concept is to concentrate solely on one theme: cars, and explore it in all its artistic possibilities. The style is simple and playful to support the fun and ironic spirit of the collective. The project includes logo design, digital illustrations developed into merchandise, including handmade screen prints, stickers, and wrapping paper.

My Body! Display font
My Body! 
Display font 
26 Characters 
Type specimen Poster 
Handmade screen prints

This display font emerges from the contours of women’s bodies, drawing inspiration from the expressive poses of life-drawing models. With this display font and screen prints, I aim to challenge societal impositions, making women in charge of their own representation.
The "My Body" type specimen poster embraces feminism through a captivating design where the font transforms into a tattoo on a woman's back. This creative choice embodies the essence of personal autonomy and self-expression, celebrating the profound connection between body ownership and the empowering act self determination.

Barbie body Dysmorphia
Awareness poster for eating disorders
original illustration 
Dimensions: 420x597

The design approach for the poster addressing the issue of unreachable beauty standards being imposed on children from a young age, leading to future eating disorders, takes on a bold, ironic, and sarcastic tone. 
Through the visual elements, the design seeks to grab attention and provoke contemplation. Striking imagery, accompanied by impactful typography, challenges societal norms and highlights the harmful effects of these standards. The use of irony and sarcasm adds a layer of critique, shedding light on the seriousness of the issue.

Concrete gallery vs
Urban canvas
Concrete gallery
Two part gallery catalogue
Dimentions: 210 x 280mm

A two-part gallery catalogue explores the importance of context in the perception of graffiti. The graphic context is reversed: graffiti walls are presented in a neat and editorial fine art frame, while the actual gallery pieces are presented in the style of the first-ever DIY graffiti magazine (printed in black and white and photocopied for friends). The aim is to highlight the fleeting nature of perception, especially when applied to a controversial artistic movement like graffiti. In this art form, more than any other, we often let the context dictate our opinion.

Brum in Sierra
Exibit curation
Exhibition posters 

For this exhibition, Brum collective created a series of multimedia artifacts to celebrate a fictitious religion that idolizes cars. I designed an exhibition poster to promote Brum’s participation in Sierra’s exhibit, along with saint cards—a typical Italian tradition of keeping a picture of a saint with a prayer—reimagined and modernized in the satirical spirit of Brum Brum. Additionally, we organized a live painting session during the exhibition. Santini original photography. Exhibition photos by David Kühn.

Exberliner cover
Exberliner Cover
Univeristy projects 
Orignial artwork 
Dimentions:229 x 299mm

This is a university project and contest in collaboration with the Berlin based magazine Exberliner. 
The illustration aimed to represent the spirit of Berlin in the summer, for the summer issue of the magazine. It had to include elements that later will be found in the articles in the magazine, like roller blading, pétanque, bicycles... I created a collage including all the elements that make the city what it is while removing all the clique bringing a strong illustration that connect with the people who live in the city. The illustration didn’t win the cover but was used as advertising for the magazine. 

T-shirt design x
Colour Ways Glasgow
T-shirt design
Hand-painted advertising

T-shirt design and illustration created by me in collaboration with graffiti artist 725 for the non profit artist led organisation Colour Ways Glasgow. To advertise  the release of the T-shit we made a hand-painted advertising on the legal wall of Parkaue Theatre (Berlin) to connect the design to it’s graffiti roots and reach the right target audience.

Honey Animations
Make Honey ltd
Social media content 
Short animations

Throughout my internship at Make Honey Ltd, a dynamic PR and social media content agency based in London, I played a pivotal role in enhancing the brand's identity and values through the creation of a diverse array of short animations. Tasked with internal advertising initiatives, I conceptualized and produced engaging animated content that not only showcased the essence of the Make Honey brand but also effectively communicated its underlying principles.

Sofia Reghellin Portfolio